Cambridge International AS and A Level Digital Media and Design

Chương trình giảng dạy quốc tế Truyền thông số và Thiết kế AS & A Level là một môn học hoàn toàn mới được Cambridge xây dựng.

This syllabus is for learners who want to explore a range of processes and techniques in digital media. The subject content is grouped into three broad areas of study; digital photography, moving image through film and animation, and mobile and multimedia applications including games design. You can structure a course around a single area of study or create a course that includes a combination of two or three areas of study.


Cambridge International AS & A Level Digital Media & Design helps learners develop the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for further study and to work in a collaborative industry. They will develop an awareness of the world of digital media and design and the factors and contexts that influence it. Learners will:


  • develop creative processes and the ability to critically evaluate their work to continually review and refine ideas
  • learn how to combine innovative approaches and techniques to solve problems creatively
  • expand their knowledge of digital media by exploring different designers, processes and concepts.

This syllabus is available for first examination at AS Level in 2019 and for first examination at A Level in 2020.


Private candidates cannot enter for this syllabus.


Component Weighting
AS Level A Level
Component 1 Portfolio

100 marks


Candidates choose a theme from the list in the syllabus.

There are two elements to the portfolio:

• supporting studies and

• a proposal

Externally assessed











Component 2 Externally Set Assignment

100 hours- 100 marks


Candidates choose one assignment from the question paper.

There are two elements to the assignment:

• supporting studies and

• a final outcome, produced during a

supervised test of 10 hours’ total duration

Externally assessed









Component 3 Personal Investigation

100 marks (s (weighted to 200 marks)


This is a practical component supported by written work. Candidates research a topic or theme of their choice.

There are two elements to the investigation:

• a final practical outcome and

• written analysis (1000–1500 words)

Externally assessed










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