Môn Khoa học máy tính A (AP Computer Science)

Làm quen với các khái niệm và công cụ của khoa học máy tính khi học sinh học một phần ngôn ngữ lập trình Java. Học sinh sẽ thực hành thiết kế, viết và kiểm tra các chương trình máy tính giúp giải quyết vấn đề hoặc hoàn thành nhiệm vụ.

Nội dung Khóa học

Unit 1: Primitive Types

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Java, a programming language, as well as other foundational concepts for coding.

Unit 2: Using Objects

You’ll explore reference data as a way to represent real-world objects in a digital world and discover methods to perform more complex operations.

Unit 3: Boolean Expressions and if Statements

You’ll delve into the building blocks of algorithms and focus on using conditional statements to solve problems and control results.

Unit 4: Iteration

You’ll learn about iteration, another building block of algorithms that are for repetition.

Unit 5: Writing Classes

You’ll explore how real-world interactions can be expressed digitally by organizing behaviors and attributes into classes, and you’ll examine the legal and ethical implications of computer programming.

Unit 6: Array

You’ll learn techniques and standard algorithms to work with collections of related data, known as data structures.

Unit 7: ArrayList

You’ll delve deeper into data sets, exploring ArrayList objects for larger amounts of data, as well as the privacy concerns related to personal data storage.

Unit 8: 2D Array

Now that you’ve explored 1D arrays, you’ll branch out into 2D arrays and experiment with data sets represented in a table.

Unit 9: Inheritance

You’ll learn how to manipulate programming without altering existing code by using subclasses to create a hierarchy.

Unit 10: Recursion

You’ll work on solving larger problems by solving smaller, simpler versions of the same problem using recursive methods.

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